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CCTNX Express Silk Road Tour (Eastbound Itinerary)Tour code: CCTNX-09 )
The full view travel along ancient silk road(15days/14nights)
Tour Code: CCTNX-09
Cites Visited:Beijing/Urumqi/Turfan/liuyuan/
Dunhuang/Jiayuguan/Zhangye/Wuwei/ zhongwei/
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The long and winding Silk Road in northwest China has a history of more than two thousand years. The opening of the Silk Road has contributed greatly to the exchange and development of ethical and material civilization between the East and West.

The wild and desolate Gobi desert, grasslands, snowy mountains and the ruins of ancient cities on the Silk Road remind visitors of mysterious legends that are closely associated with them, evidence of the rise and fall of successive dynasties.

You can't help heaving a sigh with emotion when you stand on the ruins of an ancient city, which used to be so

bustling and prosperous and is now reduced to yellow mounds. When you are warmly entertained by local resident, and watch their unique art performances or stroll through their bazaars, you will find their life style and customs simple and yet colorful, strange and yet intimate.

Day01 Arrival BeijingOn arrival you are greeted and escorted to your hotel. Remain of the day is at leisure.

Day02 BeijingOut this morning to sightseeing the extravagances of Chinese history in the Forbidden City's Imperial Palace and Tian'anmen Square. This afternoon you visit the Summer Palace and take a boat ride on its Lake Kunming. Tonight, enjoy an entertaining cultural show.

BeijingToday behold and mount the astonishing Great Wall; after lunch coach along the sacred way animals to visit the Ming Tombs. This evening you are invited to a delicious Beijing Duck Dinner.

Day04 flight to urumqi. Visit Tianshan mountain --- heaven lake, Grazing land of the south mountain.

Day05 Urumqi/Turfan Kan`erjing Irrigation Canal, Jiaohe Castle, Sugong Pagoda

Day06 Turfan/Liuyuan. Grape Valley, Flaming Mountain, Thousand Buddha Temple,Arstana Tomb,Gaochang castle

Day07 liuyuan/. Mogao Grottoes, Minsha Sand Dunes and Crescent Moon lake

Day08 Dunhuang/Jiayuguan. Jiayuguan pass town, overhanging Great wall, the Luminous Jade Cup factory.

Day09 Jiayuguan/Zhangye. Giant Buddha temple, Matisi Temple, Wooden Pagoda.

Day10 Zhangye/Wuwei. Leitai Han tomb, Confucious Temple, Haizang Temple.

Day11 Wuwei/zhongwei. Shapotou tourism zone. Gaomiao temple.

Day12 Zhongwei/Yinchuan. 108 Dagobas. Western-Xia Kingdom Mausoleum, Rock Art of Helan Mountain, Baisi Pass Twin-Pagoda.

Day13 Yinchuan/xian. Terra-cotta figures, Huaqing Pool, Big Goose Pagoda, City Wall Remains, Banpo Neolithic Ruins.

Days14 Xian/Shanghai. Yuyuan Garden, the old area of the city. A stroll along the lively waterfront, known as the \"Bund\". A Muslim restaurant , Jade Buddha Temple and Songjiang Mosque. An acrobatic show for your evening entertainment after dinner.

Day15 Shanghai Museum. Exit, the end of itinerary.

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