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Single trip to Qinghai Lake ,Taer Monastery ,Golmud and Lhasa...
Single trip to Qinghai Lake ,Taer Monastery ,
Golmud and Lhasa (12 days/11nights)
Tour Code: CCTNX-17
Cites Visited:Yinchuan/Zhongwei/Xining/Lhasa
Program Detail

Day 1 Gather in Yinchuan from other cities. Stay at a 4-star hotel.

Day 2 Yinchuan
Sightsee the Western-Xia Kingdom Mausoleum, a royal tomb group of the Western Xia Kingdom, including 9 tombs of royalties and over 200 tombs of officials. Visit Rock Art of Helan Mountain, which extends for 500 li (250 km). Tens of thousands of arts curved on rock were discovered at its east foot. Go to visit Baisi Pass Twin-Pagoda scenic spot. The Twin Pagodas have both the feathers of the brick pagodas of the central paintings of China and traditional styles of Xixia Buddhism spread from Tibet. Stay at a 4-star hotel.

Day 3
Morning tour is to Haibao tower and Chengtiansi tower in Yinchuan. Drive to Zhongwei. Sightsee 108 dagobas, which is a tremendous group of towers on a steep cliff of Qingtongxia reservoir. Stay at a 4-star hotel in Zhongwei.

Day 4 Zhongwei
Visit Gao temple, the cultural crystallization of Confucian Taoism and Buddhism. After that you will enjoy your time in Shapotou tourism zone. There, you could wander in the sea of sand by riding a camel and traveling along the yellow river by sheepskin raft. Stay at a 4-star hotel in Zhongwei.

Day 5 Zhongwei/Xining
Drive to Xining. Visit Jingtai Yellow River and Stone Forest

Day 6 Xining/ Taer Monastery/The Sun and Moon Mountain /Qinghai Lake
After breakfast, drive to visit Taer Monastery, which is one of six yellow sect monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism in China. Enjoy ¡°three unique¡±¡ªfrescoes, embossed embroidery and butter sculpture. Then visiting Qinghai Lake, it is the biggest inland salt lake in China. Drive through the Sun and Moon Mountain, Princess Wencheng pasted it when she went to Tibet. Then reach Caka .

Day 7 Caka/Golmud
After breakfast, visit the scenery of Caka salt Lake by small train (It covers an area of 100sq. km, include pearl salt, crystal salt), drive through Caidamu Basin, and visit Xiangride Oasis.

Day 8 Golmud/Tuo tuo River
After breakfast, leave Golmud for Tuo tuo River, enter the Kekexili natural protection regin of Tibetan antelope, drive through the Kunkun Bridge, Yuzhu Peak and Xida Beach, enjoy the highland wild animals along the trip, the highest altitude is 5010 above sea level among the trip.

Day 9 Tuo tuo River/Dangxiong
After breakfast, drive to Dangxiong, through the highest top of the trip---
Tanggula Mountain (5231 meters above sea level), enjoy the highland scenery and north--Tibet Plateau.

Day 10 Dangxiong/Lhasa
After breakfast, depart Dangxiong, and then arrive in Lhasa.

Day 11 Lhasa
After breakfast, visit Potala Palace, Potala Palace has been a symbol of integrated of politics and religion. It is the winter palace for all the Dalai
Lamas of various times.In the afternoon, visit Jakhang Monastery, it is the center of Buddhism in Tibet and a sacred place of Tibetan Buddhism. The old city is characteristics of Tibetan.

Day 12 Llhasa/Nyingtri
Leave Lhasa for Nyingtri, it is regarded as "Jiangnan of Tibet", the altitude is 2800 meters above sea level, drive through the snow--capped peaks of Mila.

Day 13 Lhasa
After breakfast, straight on the Qinghai--Tibet Route,Yangbajing turn to west direction. Enter the heart of highland, appreciate snow--capped peaks----Xue Gula Peak (Haimi) and North Gula Peak, and stride the ferry crossing, straight on the reflux Yaluzangbu River to Xigaza.

Day 14 Lhasa
Visit Tashihunpo Monastery----Panchan Lama Palace, appreciate the tomb pagodas of the Tenth Panchan, and visit Xigaza Market.

Day 15 After breakfast, set off the tour party, back to Beijing by air, finish the happy journey!

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