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The New Tour-line ( Tour code: CCTNX-10 )
The advanture of ancient silk road(18days/17nights)
Tour Code: CCTNX-10
Cites Visited:Shanghai/Yinchuan/Urumqi/Kashgar/
Program Detail

Day 1 Arrive Shanghai - Arrive in Shanghai, meet you at airport and transfer to a good 4 star hotel.

Day 2 Shanghai/Yinchuan - Sightseeing today includes the Bund, Shanghai's famous waterfront promenade, Nanjing Road,the bustling shopping district, and the Jade Buddha Temple, known for its large Buddha carved from a single piece of white jade. Take an afternoon flight to Yinchuan and transfer to a good 4 star hotel.

Day 3 Yinchuan/ZhongweiArrive in Yinchuan, meet you at airport and transfer to a good 4 star hotel.Sightsee the Western-Xia Kingdom Mausoleum, a royal tomb group of the Western Xia Kingdom,

including 9 tombs of royalties and over 200 tombs of officials. Visit Rock Art of Helan Mountain, which extends for 500 li (250 km). Tens of thousands of arts curved on rock were discovered at its east foot.Go to visit Baisi Pass Twin-Pagoda scenic spot. The Twin Pagodas have both the feathers of the brick pagodas of the central paintings of China and traditional styles of Xixia Buddhism spread from Tibet.Drive to Zhongwei.

Day 4 Zhongwei/Yinchuan CIn Shapotou tourism zone, you could wander in the sea of sand by riding a camel and traveling along the yellow river by sheep skin raft. Visit Gao temple, the cultural crystallization of Confucian Taoism and Buddhism. Sightsee 108 dagobas, which is a tremendous group of towers on a steep cliff of Qingtongxia reservoir. Drive to Yinchuan and stay at a 4-star hotel.Take an afternoon flight to Urumqi and transfer to a good 4 star hotel.

Day 5 Urumuqi (Tianchi Lake Excursion) - After breakfast, enjoy an excursion to Tianchi Lake, nestled in the Tianshan Mountain range. Return to Urumqi after lunch and take a city tour, which gives you a glimpse of the major sights of this northwestern city. Populated by Han people and thirteen ethnic minorities, Urumqi is quite different from the usual Chinese street scene. Here you can see nomadic Khazakhs, a Middle Eastern bazaar, a jade-carving center and more.

Day 6 Urumuqi/Kashgar - Today's full day excursion takes you to the pasture by the Southern Mountains where you will visit local herds. Take an evening flight to Kashgar, a center for trade between China and the outside world for 2000 years. Upon arrival check in for a good 4 star hotel.

Day 7 Kashgar/Urumqi - After breakfast, head directly to the Great Bazaar, alive with storybook scenes: thousands of merchants haggling for camels, carpets and other native goods; imams on donkeys and veiled women in their black robes. After wandering the Great Bazaar, you will visit Id Kah Emin mosque, one of the largest in China, and the Tomb of the Fragrant Lady before flying back to Urumqi in the evening.

Day 8 Urumqi/Turpan - This morning travel overland about 3 hours to Turpan, where you will check in for a 4 star hotel. Sightseeing features Gaochang, the ancient walled capital of the Uighurs which flourished between the 7th and 14th centuries, and the ruins of Jiaohe City, where large fragments of actual streets and buildings remain.You'll also visit Grape Valley, in lush contrast to the desert surrounding it, and the amazing 2,000 year old Karez Irrigation Tunnels, which brought water from melting snow on the mountains to this parched city. Attend a music and dance performance in the evening.

Day 9 Turpan/Jiayuguan - A morning tour includes the Flaming Mountains, named for their vibrant color, Suliman's Minaret and a local village before boarding an overnight train to Jiayuguan.

Day 10 Jiayuguan - Arrive Jiayuguan and visit the old fortress standing at the westernmost point of the Great Wall. Climb up this historic \"Last Guard House\" which guards the pass between two mountain ranges. This famous pass has been the subject of poems and ballads for centuries. Overnight in Jiayuguan. Stay at a 4 star hotel.

Day 11 Jiayuguan/Dunhuang - After breakfast transfer overland 4 hours to Dunhuang,driving through the Gobi Desert and grasslands on route. You'll see the beautiful landscape along the Silk Road. Overnight in Dunhuang ( 4 star hotel )

Day 12 - Excursion to the Mogao Grottoes, the world's richest treasure trove of Buddhist manuscripts and art.Begun in 386AD and added to over the next 9 centuries, the grottoes total over 45,000 square meters and boast over 2,000 murals and sculptures. Continue to the Singing Sand Dunes and enjoy a camel ride into the dunes.

Day 13 Dunhuang/Xian - Take a morning flight to Xi'an, where you will be transferred to a good 4 star hotel. Visit the ancient city walls,( 500 years old ) the Bell Tower ( which was used as a clock ) and Big Wild Goose Pagoda ( a Buddhist Temple as well )

Day 14 Xian - Today's highlight is a visit to the Terracotta Museum, home to more than 6,000 life-size terra-cotta warriors and horses excavated from the tomb of the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. After lunch,visit the Neolithic Village of Banpo which is 6000 years old contains relics from the earliest known inhabitants of China. In the evening, attend Tang Dynasty dinner show.

Day 15 Xian/Beijing - In the morning visit the Grand Mosque and the Muslim quarter. Take an afternoon flight to Beijing, then transfer to a good 4 star hotel.

Day 16 Beijing - Sightseeing in Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, after lunch, visit the Summer Palace.Beijing Duck dinner.

Day 17 Beijing - Visit the Temple of Heaven, then transfer to airport to see you off 

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