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China Noth West-Explore the mysterious Xixia... ( Tour code: CCTNX-07 )
China Noth West-Explore the mysterious Xixia Kingdom A visit to the Black city (Kharakhoto)(13days/12nights)
Tour Code: CCTNX-07
Cites Visited: Yinchuan/Bayanhaote/Wulanhuhai/Kharakhoto/JiuQuan/
Program Detail

The unique landscapes of the remoted areas and the splendid history all set
this trip apart from others.Explanation and history are perfectly combined together,
from the mysterious Xixia Kingdom to the Silk Road and the Gobi desert,one can ex-
perience not only the beautiful scenery but also its charming oriental history.

Arrive in Yinchuan
Visit the Haibao pagoda (one of the most famous pagodas in China),the Chentian the Chentian pagoda,and the Grand Mosque.

Day2 Yinchuan--Bayanhaote(inner-Mongolia)
Visit the Xixia Mausoleum(a royal tomb group of the western Xia Kingdom),and the Xixia mauseum. The Ming Great Wall. The remains of the ancient battlefield in Sanguankou. Cross the Helen Mt,visit the Nanzong Temple.

Day3 Bayanhaote--Wulanhuhai
Drive to Wulanhuhai On the Way visit the agate land, and the Gobi desert. enjoy the beautiful desolation of the unvisited area.

Day4 Wulanhuhai--kharakhoto(inner-Mongolia)
Drive to Kharakhoto(called by the locals the¡¯ Black city was a significant place for the military in history, many historical relics exhibited in Russian museums where robbed from the tombs here.) Visit the five pagoda Temple. Datong city, the strange forest.

Day5 Kharakhoto
Drive to Juyan city visit the diversiform-leaved popular forest and the noble mansion

Day6 Kharakhoto--Jiuquan--Jiayu Pass
Visit the Jiayu Pass of the Great Wall (a pass called the "first pass on earth") ,the luminous wine cup making factory.

Day7 Jiayu Pass,Dunhuang
Mingshashan camel riding, visit the Crescent Moon Grotto.

Day8 Dunhuang
Visit the world famous art treasure--the Mogao Grotto.

Day9 Dunhuang--Delingha
Cross the Qilian Mt Scenery on the way: Mountains, villages, salt lakes

Day10 Delingha--Gangcha
Drive to Gangcha, along the way with the great scenery of th Gobi grassland, and the mountains.

Day11 Gangcha--Qinghai Lake-Xining
Visit the biggest inland saltwater lake in China-Qinghai Lake, and the bird island. Visit the Mountain of the Sun & the Moon.

Day12 Xining
Visit one of the most famous Tibetan Temple-the Tar Day01 Temple (the Birthplace of the Tibetan Buddhism)

Day13 Tour ends.

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