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Go on a Pilgrimage to the Meili Snow Mountains..( Tour code: CCTNX-05 )
Go on a Pilgrimage to the Meili Snow Mountains Hiking by Heart(18days/17nights)
Tour Code: CCTNX-05
Cites Visited: Beijing/Kunming/Zhongdian/Lijiang/Kunming/Beijing
Program Detail

The yellow River.cradle of Chinese civlization.the Tengeli Desert (the 4th Biggest in China). the pasture land and the Old Silk Road.together with the desolate could experience China NW with its Charmness and specialities!

Arrive in Beijing
Afternoon Visit the Temple of Heaven

Day2 Beijing
Forbidden City, Summer Palace

Day3 Arrive in Kunming

Day4 Leaving Kunming for Zhongdian by air,
from Deqin to Yongzong(50Km with an elevation of 1900ms), Xidang Hot Spring(30km)and 20Km to Yubeng (with elevation of 3200ms)on foot via Feilai Temple, having a sightseeing of the Meili Snow Mountains, visiting Lancang River Deep Valley, a Day01 millenary cypress, and the South silk oad.Arriving at "Peak for Reaching Ecstasy¡±, Lunch break (with an elevation of 3100ms)and then getting to "Nansongla"saddle (with an elevation of 3680ms).Trekking from Yubengshan village to....

Day5 Hiking Yubeng shang village to xiaonong base camp on foot(7km)

Day6 Mountain climbing and photo taking

Day7 HiKing from Xiaonong base camp to Yisehuo
pasture,and then to Yubeng (12hrs), visit the
virgin forest,flowing rock beach ,alpine
flowers,Snow Mountains glacier,Royal Crown Peak
and Goddess Peak.

Day8 Hiking from Yubeng to Holy Waterfall (8km,a place Day01 where pilgrims kowtow and show honor to the heaven), visiting pasture,meadow,virgin orest. Payingrel- igioushomage to Royal Fall and a Tibetan Pilgrimage Road.

Day9 Hiking from Yubeng xia village to Xuxie pasure(10km),viewing Goddess Peak and its
surrounding peaks,and alpine meadow.

Day10 Hiking from Xuxiegaoding pasture to xidang Hot Spring and then busing to Mingyong Village by bus.

Day11 Hiking from Yongming village to Yongming contemporary glacier both in low latitude and elevation (7km)

Day12 Hiking from Crown Price Temple to Mingyong Village Day01 and then busing Dekan(50km)

Day13 Bus to Zhongdian after breakfast.

Day14 Leaving Zhongdian after breakfast

Day15 Leaving Lijiang for Kunming by air then visiting Day01 Stone Forest

Day16 Visting Western Hills and Daguan Park, Leaving Kunming

Day17 Beijing,Great Wall.

Day18 Tour ends.

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