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Explore the fascinating Northwest China ( Tour code: CCTNX-04 )
Explore the fascinating Northwest China (7days/6nights)T
Tour Code: CCTNX-04
Cites Visited: Beijing/Yinchuan/TenngerDesert/JnnerMaogolia/
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From the mysterious Westem Xia kingdom,the Yellow river to the Gobi desert and
the pasture-lands of the nomadic Mongols,the trip combines a fascinating blend of
different culture and varied landscapes,for those who love adventure and have a
taste for the beauty of the unvisited land,this trip is the right one.Come and join
us ,wei assure you a great memory.

Four types: self-driving,motorcycle,and trekking tours

Day1 Beijing to Yinchuan
In the afternoon, visit the Chengtian pagoda(built in the Westem Xia period,has a history of nearly 1000 years)

Day2 Yinchuan--North fork of Helan Mountain
Join the motorcycle or land cruser Departure. Visit the Western Xia Mausoleum (a royal tomb group of the Western Xia Kingdom), the Winery and vineyard, tasting the local produced wine. Visit the ancient Great Wall. Scenery on the way: mountains, Gobi desert, orchards,grassland, wild goats running on the Gobi grassland(road condition: asphalt road ,dust road,
Gobi grassland, mountain road)

Day3 North fork of the Helen Mt--xianggendalai
grassland inner Mongolia-- Tangeli--Camel Mt; Driving along the Great Wall with a mangificent view of the Mountains, the Great Wall, ruins of ancient city, Gobidesert.
Venturing into Inner Mongolia across the Mountain. Drive on the windmill generator-made by the local for everyday use Scenery on the way: beautiful scenery of desolation ruins of ancient cities. mountains, Gobi desert, saltlakes in the grassland ,sun set in the desert.

Day4 Camel mountain--Zhongwei
Morming:Camel riding in the desert,horse riding in the grassland.Drive to Zhongwei Aftemoon: visit the Hight Temple (road conditiong:desert, macadam road,asphalt road)

Day5 Zhongwei--Jingshuizi--Xinjing--Qingtognxia--Wuzhon
Drive to the Yellow River across the Zhaobi mountain canyon. Rafting: Sheep skin raft on the Yellow River, visit the 108 dagobas (the biggest lama dagoba groups in china.), evening visit the bazzar in Wuzhong(a Muslim county and the night market(road condition: asphalt road, macadam road.)

Day6 Wuzhong--Lingwu--Yinchuan
Drive to a Muslim village in Lingwu County, visit the local muslim family. Taste the local food, visit the linning cloth making factory (lining made of horse's mane, tour the countryside by
donkeycart.Drive along the Great Wall, visit the pre-historical site of Shuidonggou.(road
condition: asphalt road. macadam road)

day7 Yinchuan--Beijing
Visit the Hai bao pagoda. Fly to Beijing. Tour ends.

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