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Trekking on the Great Wall(18days/17nights) ( Tour code: CCTNX-03 )
Trekking on the Great Wall(18days/17nights)
Tour Code: CCTNX-03
Cites Visited: Beijing/Yinchuan/Yanchi city/XingWuYing tamp/Hengcheng city/Hohhol/Beijing
Program Detail

Inside the territory of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China northwest,the biggest
Islamic province in the coutry,many ranges of big - scaled Great Wall have been well
preserved up to today. These ranges of Great Wall were built in Ming Dynasty (approximately 500 years old, some even 2000 years old). The whole trip will lead you to teh
oldest China NW£ºby the Sheep Skin Raft, rafting along the Yellow River--the cradle of
Chinese prehistorically culture; to the natural salt lakes all around the sites; to the
lives of descendants of Arabs in the region; and to the mysterious landscapes of sand
dunes¡¢tableland and wild plants as a whole....
Sheep Skin Rafting; Salt Lakes; the ruins of ancient cities

in the Hero City; Gobi Land and Desert; the prehistorically Cultural Remains; Some old Castles and Graveyards......more
than 16 of these kinds of ancient construction sites could be found in the area.

Arrival in Beijing

Day02 Beijing
Tiananmen Square,the Forbidden City.

Day03 Beijing--Yinchuan(by air)
Haibao Pagoda, the lslamic Sutra¡ªTeaching institute

Day04 Yinchuan--Qingtongxia--Wuzhong(by bus)
by SheepSkin raft along the Yellow River to 108 Day01 Dagobas to see the Birds lsland,the sleeping Buddah Mountain the Old Gorge of the Yellow River.

Day05 Qintongxia--Yanchi county (by bus)

Day06 Yanchi Salt Lake City (by walking)
The Salt Lake (night in:tents)

Day07 Yanchi Salt Lake City (by walking)
The old Castle in the Hero City (night in:tents)

Day08---Zhangjiachang farm (bywalking)
The Ancient Castles,the scenery of the desert,the Day01 zhang and Yang old Castle Big Northern Salt Lake.(night in:tents)

Day09---Xingwuying Camp (by walking)
The Heolithic Remains, the Old Beacon Tower.(night Day01 in:tents)

Day10 Xingwuying Camp (by walking)
The Maowusu Desert and the tableland on the Erduos Day01 Platueau,The Graves of Han Dynasty. (Night in:tents)

Day11 ---Hengcheng City(by walking)
The ShuiDongGou Cultural Remains,the Garden of Day01 Desent - wild plants (night in:tents)

Day12 HengCheng City --Yinchuan(by walking)
The Yellow River Old Crossing in HengCheng City

Day13 Yinchuan (by bus)
The Mausoleum of Westem Xia Kingdom,the Helan Day01 Mountain Rock Engravings Art Sites

Day14 Yinchuan--Hohhot(inner Mongolia)(by train)

Day15 Hohhot (by bus)
Zhaojun Tomb,the Grand Pasture of XilaMuRen (night Day01 in:Mongolian Ger)

Day16 Hohhot--Beijing (by air )
The Temple of Heaven

Day17 Beijing (by bus)
the Badaling Great Wall,the Ming dynasty tombs.

Day18 Leaving China from Beijing(by air)

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