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Tour the Desert、the Yellow River and the...( Tour code: CCTNX-02 )
Tour the Desert、the Yellow River and the old-Passage of western xia kingdom in China.(17days/16nights)
Tour Code: CCTNX-02
Cites Visited: Beijing/Yinchuan/Zhongwei/Qingtongxia/Wuzhong/
Program Detail

...Wandering in the Sea of Tenggeli Desert By Camel- DayRiding!
...Rafting along the Yellow River by Sheep Skin raft!
...Roamming along the Old Passage of Westem-Xia Kingdom by bicycles!

Riding on the double-humped Asian Camels, wandering in the 4th Biggest desert, you could appreciate the local sentiment of traditional simplicity; both boldness and
ingeniousness of our landscapes of Mountains、Gorges、Forest、Temples and Pagodas would remind you of the grandeur and mysteriousness of our National Pre-historical Cultural" Mother-River ̄; By riding bicycles marching

along the political、economical and military "Old Passage" of our Western-xia Kingdom (1038-1227.A.D),the Ming Great Wall, many ruins of the ancient cities, beacon towers,and old River-Crossing could be found easily at the two sides of the passage and with the inhabitants of the Islamic Arabicdescendants in the area, you feel yourself roamming nou only among the Power of Old far-away Western-xia,but also its modern culturally adaptative changes of Today!

Day 1
Arrival in Beijing (by air)

Day 2 Beijing
the TianAnMen Square、the Forbidden City

Day 3 Beijing--Yinchuan(by air)
the Qingzhen lslamic Mosque、the Westem Pagoda

Day 4 Yinchuan--Zhongwei (by bus)
the Gao Temple,the ninght market

Day 5 Tenggeli Desert(by Camel-Riding)
the windbreak Forest、the Mary Lak,sanddunes;the desert wildlives(night in:Tents)

Day 6 Tenggeli Desert (by Camel-Riding)
the Wildlives an dune area、the sunrise in the sea of Desert,the Sanddune area (night
In Tents)

Day 7 Zhongwei--Qingtongxia (by sheep skinraft)
Birds lsland;the Yellow River Grand Bridge、the Large Forest、 the Niushoushan Mountain scenery. the Sanddune Landscape、the Sleeping-Buddah Mountain、the Old Gorge、108 Dagobas.

Day 8 Qingtongxia--Wuzhong--lingwu(by bus)
the Dongfu Resort、the Lingzhou Pagoda、visiting the islamic Hui family and Lingwu Floss Factory.

Day 9 Lingwu--the Old City (by bicycle)
the Fruits Garden,the Dessert-Controlling Experiemental Base、the Old Castles、the ceramic workshops of Old Western-Xia kingdom the Grassland scenery.(Night in:Tents)

Day10 the Old City--Hengcheng City--Yinchuan (by Bicycle-Riding)
the Ancient Ming GreatWall,the Maowusu Desert,the ruins of ancient cities、the Old Beacon Tower、the Old River--Crossing、the Preistorical Cultural remains of Shuidong Gou site.

Day11 Yinchuan(by bus)
the Ningxia Provincial Museum、the Westem--Xia Kingdom Mausoleum

Day12 Yinchuan-Hohhot (inner Mongolia)(by Train)

Day13 Hohhot (by bus)
the Grand Pastureland at XiLaMuRen,the ZhaoJun Tomb.(night inMongolia Ger)

Day14 Hohhot--Datong(Shanxi Province)(by Train)
the Five-Buddah Temple

Day15 Datong--Beijing(by Train)
the Ninge--Dragon Wall、the Yungang Caves

Day16 Beijing (by bus)
the Badaling Great Wall; the Ming dynasty Tombs

Day17 Beijing
Shopping; Tour ends in Beijing

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